Coffee Shop

Sally Usher Gamla stan, Stockholm

This is from a winter walk in Gamla Stan when I was freezing cold and in dire need of coffee and a warm up! The snow had fallen and it was slippery on the cobbles so definitely good boots are required. The snow had been piled up to the sides giving a pathway for pedestrians; it also reflected the light …

The Bloody Square

Sally Usher Gamla stan, Stockholm

I’ve painted this scene in a trio, including the edges and wish to sell the 3 paintings as a set, not to be sold individually.  As with all acrylic paintings, they look their best when lit from above with designated lighting. Stortorget meaning “Big Square” in Swedish is probably one of the most famous scenes in Gamla Stan, often on …

Winter morning in Gamla Stan

Frozen Morning

Sally Usher

It’s been really, really cold in Stockholm this last week (January 2016), with temperatures dropping down to -20 degrees! Luckily Swedish builders plan for this so our home has been nice and toasty. I took a brisk walk out the other day, you could feel the skin on your face starting to ache with the cold, but with the clear …

Tyska Kyrkan

Sally Usher Gamla stan, Nature

Tyska Kyrkan meaning “German Church”, is located in central Gamla Stan. I originally made a smaller version of this painting a year ago which ended up being a present for a friend. I have been wanting to paint a large version for some time now so got out the brushes and got to work. I wanted a strong blue sky …


Sally Usher Gamla stan, Stockholm

I was inspired to paint this after a stroll in Gamla Stan, Stockholm last summer.  Wandering aimlessly along the winding streets is always a pleasure, you always find something that you hadn’t noticed before.  If you shut your eyes, you become more aware of the sounds and smells sometimes hidden in the background.  You also feel the heat hitting your …


Sally Usher Gamla stan, Stockholm

This is just before a little square with seats and a shady tree. I particularly liked the color of the house closest, and then the yellow shop with the baskets displayed outside. Last time I was there, a young man was playing a violin and people were relaxing and enjoying the music. PRICE:  £175 PLUS POSTAGE AND PACKING