Cabin Seven

Sally Usher Nature

I’m really happy to have finished this painting which I have been planning for ages. Before living in Sweden, I worked and traveled extensively abroad as a dive instructor living in such idyllic locations such as Malaysia, Thailand, Borneo and Indonesia. Sometimes the trips for scuba diving would be on a live-aboard boat being at sea for 4 or 5 …

Bjorkvik Autumn Sunset

Sally Usher Nature

This is an impression of a lake about an hour’s drive from Stockholm, Sweden. Well actually it is the edge of the Baltic Sea although it doesn’t feel like it with many islands floating in the distance. Its a place of natural beauty, where many Swedes go in summertime to relax. Now we are getting the shorter days, it is …

Scarlet Beauty

Sally Usher Nature 0 Comments

I was having problems with a painting I was working on just not coming together and I needed to release  my artistic block with something fun to paint.  I decided on a parrot as I had been thinking for sometime to create a large painting in the future of a flock of parrots flying over a jungle, and with the …

Tall Erik

Sally Usher Lighthouse, Nature

I saw “Tall Eric” lighthouse whilst on holiday in Olland, Sweden, (a lovely rural island) facing out to sea. You were able to view Tall Eric from a bird reserve over salt marshes. He was built in 1845, to 32 meters, with a staircase inside leading up to the top for some amazing views. Whilst we were there, a huge …

Tyska Kyrkan

Sally Usher Gamla stan, Nature

Tyska Kyrkan meaning “German Church”, is located in central Gamla Stan. I originally made a smaller version of this painting a year ago which ended up being a present for a friend. I have been wanting to paint a large version for some time now so got out the brushes and got to work. I wanted a strong blue sky …

Summer Dawn Lake, Northen Sweden

Sally Usher Nature

Watercolor unframed painting inspired by northern Sweden in the summertime.  My partner had been fishing up in Lapland, his photos and descriptions of the countryside give me the idea to work on this painting.  I chose watercolor as I particularly like the soft lighting and dreamy effect you can create. PRICE:  SOLD